X-factor (A.K.A. DJ Xtreme in the old uwf and in other leagues) is how you would say a bastard in any other term. But he wasnt known for being this way. Many people think that his first title reign drove him insane to the point that he thought that he was the only sane person over there in UWF.

Humble beginnings

  • X-factor started out as one of the first 3 caws in UWF is peforming name at the time was known as DJ Xtreme. Xtreme went out to win the first ever Xtreme championship (which he named after himself). but when UWF started to be mainstream UWF owner nwo4yourlife decided to kill the title bombing it inside a concealed area

The Strike period

After DJ found out that his title was killed he led 10 other UWF superstars on strike which lead to finacial problems within the company. They had no choice but to bring the title back. when the company brought it back they had a Xtreme tournament which he won by defeating the up and coming new comer dygard by a roll up to get his title back. Many people in the UWF staff and fans were disapointed that dygard lost that match.

"The Milford screwjob"

Just before UWF's first episode on ustream DJ Xtreme was granted a World Title match against Jack Legend. these two knew each other very well as they trained with one another. At the time Jack Legend was the biggest jackass in UWF so with all his cockyness He added the stipualtion that the loser has to retire. Of course DJ Xtreme acce pted. While the match was going on Legend hit the legend stf and nwo4yourlife told the ref to rang the bell.  Basically it was nwo4yourlife getting payback.

XCL return

DJ Xtreme's return to XCL was actually quite the controversal one. After Wrestlejam dygard walked to the parking lot and got hit by a speeding car. He is still out to this very day. Anyways the week after it happened nwo4yourlife who was still the owner at the time found out the man who ran him over he introduced DJ Xtreme to the ring and from that day on he was known as X-factor.

Title wins

UWF light heavyweight champion (may 2001-july 2001)

UWF Xtreme Champion 1st reign (august 2001 to- october 2001) 2nd reign (december 2001- march 2002) 3rd title reign (July 2009- september 2009) 

XCL World heavyweight Champion 1st reign (seotember 2009-october 2009) 2nd reign (october 2009-january 2010)

WCL youtube champion(september 2009-present)  

Major feuds

T.B.O (the best one) (current)


Reaper X

David Hart

The bob (day of reconing era)

Y2flame (dark ages era)

Nathan anderson (current)

nwo4yourlife (current)
Curtis Killings (current)

Other leagues

Other leagues that X-factor competes in is WCL, and DIW

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