The XGWL Crucero Championship Tournament that was announced on January 2017 that took place on April 19, 2017. The Tournament ressurected the previously retired XGWL Crucero Championship due to a title unification match in 2010, and also changed the weight limit from 220 lbs to 205 lbs. The Tournament had 6 XGWL & 2 WCDL Wrestlers competing to be crowned the new Crtucero champ.

Here is the list of participants...

  • Brandon Thomas (188 lbs)
  • Dragon Boy (191 lbs)
  • Sgt. Arturo Loco (185 lbs)
  • "Mackin 2 Da MAX" Richard (175 lbs)
  • Mike Mexico (204 lbs)
  • Jacob Gutierrez (205 lbs) WCDL
  • Karl Turpitz (200 lbs) WCDL
  • Jason Voilet (201 lbs)

Results of the Tournament

Round 1

  • Brandon Thomas defeated Richard
  • Mike Mexico defeated Karl Turpitz
  • Dragon Boy defeating Jacob Gutierrez
  • Arturo Loco defeats Jason Violet


  • Brandon Thomas defeats Mike Mexico
  • Dragon Boy defeats Arturo Loco


  • Brandon Thomas defeats Dragon Boy

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