Here is the list of titles in the XGWL as of 06/23/2018.

Current XGWL ChampionshipsEdit

XGWL Ultimate Heavyweight ChampionshipEdit

XGWL Ultimate Heavyweight Champion
XGWL Ultimate title
Current champion(s) Sherman Samson
Date Won Thug Life 2017 (7/11/2017)
League XGWL
Brand {{{brand}}}
Introduced 7/23/2007
Retired {{{disbanded}}}
Most reigns Exodecai; XtremeTony; The Great D (3)
First Champion XtremeTony
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign The Great D (1,661 Days)
Shortest Reign Manik (6 Days)
Heaviest Champion Exodecai (331 lbs)
Lightest Champion Sherman Samson (190 lbs)
Other Name(s) XGWL Ultimate Championship
Past design(s) {{{pastlookimages}}}

1st known as the XGWL Ultimate title, then the XGW Ultimate title, and now, It's the XGWL Ultimate Heavyweight Championship. The title design is that of a spinner that is of Platinum design encrusted with Diamonds. Only the elite of XGWL is eligible to compete for this title. The title was introduced on 7/23/2007 on the Premiere Episode of XGWL. The title was crowned at XGWL's 1st CPV: In Da House on 8/19/2007 when XtremeTony defeated Sherman in the Main Event. The title changed hands at Paid In FULL on 11/11/2007 when Karnage defeated XtremeTony in controversial fashion. At All Eyes On Me, Jon Pryor defeated Karnage at All Eyes on Me. At Spring Breakout, XtremeTony re-gained the XGW Ultimate title. With 2 consecutive Transitional Champions, Karnage is enjoying his 2nd title reign and has successfully defended his title at In Da House II. Karnage will be set to defend his title on XGW Charged Ep 35 Against El Toro Extremo. At Paid In Full 2008, Exodecai became the Ultimate Champion. Then Sky defeated Exodecai at Thug Life 2009 to become; however, Exodecai won a rematch on XGWL Charged Ep45 to regain the Ultimate title and has been able to successfully defend his title at Malicious Intent. Exodecai is the longest reigning champion for any title in XGWL History. And with the win by Jothathen Magnum at Global Warning, made him the 8th person to hold the XGWL Ultimate title. At In Da House 4, The Great D won the Ultimate title and became the 9th person to hold the title. On Charged Ep70, Exodecai is the 1st to win the XGWL Ultimate Champion for the 3rd time. At Thug Life 2011, XtremeTony was able to win the XGWL Ultimate Championship and going the longest time in between championship reigns.

# Name Reign Days Held Date Won Notes
1 XtremeTony 1 84 8/19/2007 Defeated Sherman to be crowned the 1st ever XGWL Ultimate Champion on 8/19/2007 at CPV: In Da House (1).
2 Karnage 1 138 11/11/2007 Defeated XtremeTony on 11/11/2007 at the CPV: Paid In FULL.
3 Jon Pryor 1 56 3/17/2008 Defeated Karnage in a Hell In A Cell match at All Eyes On Me.
4 XtremeTony 2 71 5/11/2008 Defeated Jon Pryor in an Iron Man Match at Spring Breakout.
5 Manik 1 6 7/21/2008 Manki won the title in a Fatal 4-Way on XGW Fusion Ep 32.
6 Slash "The King of Hurt" 1 17 7/26/2008 Slash won the title in a Fatal 4-Way Hell In a Cell Match at Operation Freedom.
7 Karnage 2 124 8/12/2008 Karnage won the title in a 6-Man Elimination Match on XGW Fusion Ep 33.
8 Exodecai 1 136 11/19/2008 Exodecai won the title at Paid In Full 2008 in a Prison Yard Match involving Bruno Battaglia, Jon Pryor, Karnage, El Toro Extremo, and Slash "The King Of Hurt".
9 "Big Bad" Sky 1 42 4/30/2009 Defeated Exodecai at Thug Life 2009
10 Exodecai 2 298 6/11/2009 Defeated Sky on XGWL Charged Ep45
11 Johnathen Magnum 1 234 3/26/2010 Defeated Exodecai at Global Warning in a 3 Stages of Hell Match.
12 The Great D 1 110 12/6/2010 Defeated Jonathen Magnum at In Da House 4.
13 Exodecai 3 124 3/26/2011 Defeated The Great D on Charged Ep70
14 XtremeTony 3 99 7/29/2011 Defeated Exodecai at Thug Life 2011
15 The Great D 2 115 11/5/2011 Defeated XtremeTony at Malicious Intent 2011.
16 Johnathen Magnum 2 299 2/28/2012 Defeated The Great D at In Da House 5
17 The Great D 3 1,661 12/23/2012 The Great D won the title at Pain In Full 2012 in a Prison Yard Match by last eliminating Johnathen Magnum.
18 Sherman Samson 1 12 7/11/2017 Cashing in his Golden Certificate after the Main Event at Thug Life 2017
19 The Great D 4 7 7/23/2017 Defeated Sherman on the 10-Year Anniversary show edition of XGWL Live.
20 Sherman Samson 2 328+ 7/30/2017 Defeated The Great D in a rematch a week later.

The Ultimate title is the highest prestige title in XGWL's Heavyweight Division & highest overall in XGWL.

XGWL Professional ChampionshipEdit

XGWL Professional Championship
XGWL Pro title
Current champion(s) Rick Acid
Date Won Global Warning 3 (6/21/2013)
League XGWL
Brand {{{brand}}}
Introduced 7/23/2007
Retired {{{disbanded}}}
Most reigns The Great D; El Toro Extremo (3)
First Champion James "Lionheart" Florence
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Rick Acid (1,709+ Days)
Shortest Reign {{{shortreign}}}
Heaviest Champion Chad Miller (360 lbs)
Lightest Champion Sherman (210 lbs)
Other Name(s) {{{pastnames}}}
Past design(s) {{{pastlookimages}}}

The 2nd Biggest Singles title in the XGWL. The title design is that of a spinner with gold & silver. The championship was won by James "Lionheart" Florence by defeating The Great D at In Da House. At Hybrid Haven, Lionheart lost to Jon Pryor. Then at Paid In FULL, El Toro Extremo won the title in an Elimination Chamber Match. Jonathen Magnum defeated El Toro Extremo at All Eyes On Me. Then The Great D defeated Johnathen Magnum on XGW Fusion Ep 32, but only held the title for a short amount of time when Harbor Light defeated The Great D at Operation Freedom. In a surprise faction, Magnum cashed in his rematch clause and defeated Harbor Light. After that, a rising star in XGWL won the title at Paid In Full 2008 named Apollo. After Chad Miller won the Pro title, it made him the biggest Champion in XGWL. After that, The Great D won the title back and now is the 1st to hold the Pro Championship 3 times.

The Pro championship is the 2nd highest prestige title in XGWL's Heavyweight Division.

# Name Reign Days Held Date Won Notes
1 James "Lionheart" Florence 1 42 8/19/2007 Defeated The Great D at In Da House.
2 Jon Pryor 1 42 9/30/2007 Defeated Lionheart at Hybrid Haven.
3 El Toro Extremo 1 138 11/11/2007 El Toro Extreme won the title at Paid In FULL in a Prison Yard Match.
4 Johnathen Magnum 1 127 3/16/2008 Defeated El Toro Extremo at All Eyes on Me.
5 The Great D 1 6 7/21/2008 Defeated Johnathen Magnum on XGW Fusion Ep32.
6 Harbor Light 1 63 7/26/2008 Defeated The Great D at Operation Freedom.
7 Johnathen Magnum 2 70 9/27/2008 Magnum requested his rematch clause & defeated Harbor Light on XGW Fusion
8 Apollo 1 21 12/6/2008 Apollo won the title at Paid In Full 2008.
9 Zodiack 1 124 12/27/2008 Zodiack won the title at Holiday Massacre 2008.
10 Sherman 1 61 4/30/2009 Defeated Zodiack at Thug Life 2009.
11 Zodiack 2 115 6/30/2009 Zoiack won the title in a 6-Man Ladder Match at Malicious Intent 2009.
12 The Great D 2 101 10/23/2009 Defeated Zoidiack on Charged Ep50.
13 Chad Miller 1 104 1/14/2010 Miller won the title at Paid In Full 3.
14 The Great D 3 126 4/28/2010 Defeated Chad Miller on Wolrdwide Ep32.
15 Dragon Boy 1 91 9/13/2010 Defeated The Great D at Malicious Intent
16 Danny Jackpot 1 39 12/6/2010 Defeated Dragon Boy at In Da House 4.
17 El Toro Extremo 2 195 1/14/2011 Defeated Danny Jackpot on Charged Ep67.
18 Tommy Kazarian 1 99 7/29/2011 Defeated El Toro Extremo at Thug Life 2011.
19 El Toro Extremo 3 115 11/5/2011 Defeated Tommy Kazarian at Malicious Intent 2011.
20 Rick Acid 1 299 2/28/2012 Defeated El Toro Extremo at In Da House 5.
21 Jimmy "Nightmare" Nicmeri 1 180 12/23/2012 Nicmeri won the title at Pain In Full 2012 in a Prison Yard Match by last eliminating Tommy Kazarian.
22 Rick Acid 2 1828+ 6/21/2013 Defeated Jimmy Nicmero at Global Warning 3 in a Steel Cage match.

XGWL Pure ChampionshipEdit

XGWL Pure Championship
XGWL Pure Championship
Current champion(s) Alejandro Ayson
Date Won XGWL House Show
League XGWL
Brand {{{brand}}}
Introduced 6/19/2010
Retired {{{disbanded}}}
Most reigns Tommy Kazarian (2 reigns)
First Champion Tommy Kazarian
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Johnathen Magnum (178 Days)
Shortest Reign Packrat James (49 Days)
Heaviest Champion Johnathen Magnum (260 lbs)
Lightest Champion Packrat James (186 lbs)
Other Name(s) {{{pastnames}}}
Past design(s) {{{pastlookimages}}}

The XGWL Pure Championship is the newest title to be added to XGWL. It is the 3rd highest singles title in XGWL. 1st won by Tommy Kazarian at Thug Life 2010.

# Name Reign Days Held Date Won Notes
1 Tommy Kazarian 1 76 6/19/2010 Won the title at Thug Life 2010
2 Packrat James 1 49 9/13/2010 Won the title at Malicious Intent 2010
3 Tommy Kazarian 2 112 11/19/2010 Defeated Packrat James at Haloween Horror 2.
4 Johnathen Magnum 1 256 2/21/2011 Defeated Tommy Kazarian in a Prison Yard Match at Paid In Full.
5 Jon Pryor 1 165 11/5/2011 Defeated Johnathen Magnum at Malicious Intent 2011.
6 Brandon Thomas 1 249 4/18/2012 Defeated Jon Pryor on Charged Ep83
7 Jon Pryor 2 583 12/23/2012 Won the title in a Prison Yard Match by last eliminating Brandon Thomas.
- -vacant- - 326 11/21/2013 Jon Pryor quit XGWL and vacated the championship on Charged Ep86.
8 Tommy Kazarian 3 14 7/31/2016 Won the vacant championship in a 6-man Battle Royal at a House Show.
9 Alejandro Ayson 1 331 8/14/2016 Defeated Tommy Kazarian in at a House Show.
10 El Toro Extremo 1 347+ 7/11/2017 Defeated Alex Ayson at Thug Life 2017.

XGWL Crucero ChampionshipEdit

XGWL Crucero Championship
XGWL Crucero title
Current champion(s) Brandon Thomas
Date Won XGWL Crucero Championship Tournament
League XGWL
Brand {{{brand}}}
Introduced 12/3/2007
Retired 9/13/2010
Most reigns Dragon Boy (4 Reigns)
First Champion "Mackin 2 Da MAX" Richard
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Danny Jackpot (130 Days)
Shortest Reign Dragon Boy (30 Days)
Heaviest Champion Danny Jackpot (215 lbs)
Lightest Champion Snoop Dogg (170 lbs)
Other Name(s) {{{pastnames}}}
Past design(s) {{{pastlookimages}}}

The XGWL Crucero Title had a strict Weight Limit of 220 lbs. The Cruceros always deliver a fast-paced match every time they step in the ring. The title was retiring due to the title being unified with the Pure Championship back in 2010. The title became reactivated after Brandon Thomas defeating Dragon Boy in an 8-man tournament for the title. 

# Name Reign Days Held Date Won Notes
1 "Mackin 2 Da MAX" Richard 1 74 12/23/2007 Defeated Warren G at Holiday Massacre.
2 Sherman 1 122 3/16/2008 Defeated Richard at All Eyes On Me.
3 Dragon Boy 1 30 7/13/2008 Defeated Sherman at XGW Shockwave Ep7.
4 "Mackin 2 Da MAX" Richard 2 124 8/12/2008 Defeated Dragon Boy in a Ladder Match on XGW Fusion Ep33.
5 Dragon Boy 2 76 12/15/2008 Won the title at Paid In Full 2008.
6 Snoop Dogg 1 60 2/13/2009 Defeated Dragon Boy on Wolrdwide Ep15.
7 Dragon Boy 3 61 4/30/2009 Defeated Snoop Dogg at Thug Life 2009.
8 Snoop Dogg 2 78 Won the title in a Fatal 4-Way at Malicious Intent 2009.
9 Danny Jackpot 1 130 9/15/2009 Won the title in a Triple Threat Match at In Da House 3.
10 Jamie Jager 1 23 1/23/2010 Won the title in the Prison Yard Match at Paid In Full 2009/2010 (3).
11 Mike Mexico 1 48 3/12/2010 Defeated Jamie Jager on Worldwide Ep30.
12 Dragon Boy 4 109 6/29/2010 Dragon Boy won the title in an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal at Global Warning.
13 Packrat James 1 48 7/13/2010 Defeated Dragon Boy on Worldwide Ep34. Also, was the last to hold the title.
- -Championship retired-
14 Brandon Thomas 1 221 4/19/2017 Defeated Dragon Boy in the XGWL Crucero Championship Tournament Finals. Title is reactivated after almost 7 years of retirement.
15 Dragon Boy 5 209+ 11/26/2017 Defeated Brandon Thomas on the 11/26/2017 episode of XGWL Live.

XGWL Tag Team ChampionshipEdit

XGWL Tag Team Championship
XGWL Tag Team titles
Current champion(s) Trey Steele & Apollo
Date Won Charged Ep83 (4/18/2012)
League XGWL
Brand {{{brand}}}
Introduced 7/23/2007
Retired {{{disbanded}}}
Most reigns Team 619 (4)
First Champion Team 619
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Slash & Sherman (324 Days)
Shortest Reign Cash Money Inc (18 Days)
Heaviest Champion Team Deutschland (776 lbs)
Lightest Champion Team 619 (375 lbs)
Other Name(s) {{{pastnames}}}
Past design(s) {{{pastlookimages}}}

The XGWL's tag team title division is a great division. The title design is that of a spinner w/ Gold. The division is filled with a great amount of Tag Teams and brings great prestige. The Team of Exodecai & Zodiack has held the title the longest on their 1st title reign until Slash & Sherman broke that record. Team 619 became the 1st team to win the Tag Team Championships for the 4th time.

Team Deutschland consists of Patrick Hamburg, Paul Berlin & Richie Stein and the Freebird rule was in effect when they held the title in their 1st title reign.

# Name Reign Days Held Date Won Notes
1 Team 619 1 29 8/19/2007 Won the titles at In Da House
2 Exodecai & Zodiack 1 238 9/17/2007 Defeated Team 619 on Episode 8 of XGWL
3 Gen-X2 (Dennis "Scorpion" Walters & Jeff Pryce) 1 54 5/11/2008 Defeated Exodecai & Zodiack at Spring Breakout.
4 Exodecai & Zodiack 2 69 7/3/2008 Defeated Gen-X2 on XGW Fusion Ep31
5 Team Deutschland 1 92 Defeated Exodecai & Zodiack on XGWL Charged Ep34.
6 Cash Money Inc 1 136 12/15/2008 Defeated Team Deutchland at Paid In Full 2008.
7 Team Deutschland 2 92 4/30/2009 Defeated Cash Money Inc at Thug Life 2009.
8 Team 619 2 167 7/31/2009 Defeated Team Deutschland on XGWL Charged Ep47
9 Slash & Sherman 1 326 1/14/2010 Defeated Team 619 at Paid In Full 3 (2009/2010)
10 Team Deutschland 3 96 12/6/2010 Defeated Slash & Sherman at In Da House 4
11 Team 619 3 61 3/12/2011 Defeated Team Deutschland on Charged Ep69
12 Big Business 1 77 5/12/2011 Defeated Team 619 at Global Warning 2011
13 Team 619 4 246 7/29/2011 Defeated Big Business at Thug Life 2011
14 Cash Money Inc 2 18 3/31/2012 Defeated Team 619 on Charged Ep82
15 Trey Steele & Apollo 1 2257+ 4/18/2012 Defeated Cash Money Inc on Charged Ep83.

XGWL Women's World ChampionshipEdit

XGWL Women's World Championship
XGWL Womens title
Current champion(s) Diana Diamond
Date Won Pain In Full 2012 (12/23/2012)
League XGWL
Introduced 7/23/2007
Retired {{{disbanded}}}
Most reigns Tammy with 4
First Champion Tammy
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Sarah Warfield (299 Days)
Shortest Reign Niki Cornejo (15 Minutes)
Heaviest Champion
Lightest Champion
Other Name(s) XGWL Lady Pro Championship
Past design(s) {{{pastlookimages}}}

Formerly known as the XGWL Lady Pro Championship before the XGW era(XGWL/MIW merger in 2008). During the merger, it was known as the XGW Women's Championship. The Women's title is exclusive to the Women's Division. After the XGW era, the title was renamed to the XGWL Women's World Championship in late 2008. The design is that of a spinner w/ Platinum & a feminine touch. Sarah Warfield has been the most dominant Women's Champion in XGWL. Holding the title for a record of 277 days. Longer than any other champion in XGWL History, until Exodecai overpassed that reign for 298 Days holding the XGWL Ultimate Championship. At Thug Life 2009 Gia Antonelli defeated Sarah Warfield in what was a true clash of the Titans to become the 7th Woman to hold the XGWL Women's Championship.

# Name Reign Days Held Date Won Notes
1 Tammy 1 7 7/30/2007 Defeated Laura Juarez to be crowned the 1st ever Women's Champion on XGWL Episode 2.
2 Sheena Marie 1 42 8/6/2007 Marie won the title in a Fatal 4-Way match.
3 Tammy 2 13 9/17/2007 Defeated Sheena Marie on Episode 8
4 Alexis Vixen 1 50 9/30/2007 Vixen won the title in a Fatal 4-Way match at Hybrid Haven.
5 Niki Cornejo 1 27 11/26/2007 Defeated Alexis Vixen on Episode 15
6 Tammy 3 29 12/23/2007 Defeated Niki Cornejo at Holiday Massacre 2007.
7 Niki Cornejo 2 0 1/21/2008 Defeated Tammy on Episode 20
8 Tammy 4 55 1/21/2008 Tammy exercised her rematch clause on Niki immediately after her match and won.
9 Crymson 1 137 3/16/2008 Crymson won the title in a Fatal 4-Way.
10 Sarah Warfield 1 277 7/26/2008 Defeated Crymson at Operation Freedom
11 Gia Antonelli 1 123 4/30/2009 Defeated Sarah Warfield at Thug Life 2009
12 Crymson 2 16 8/31/2009 Defeated Gia Antonelli at Female Fury 2
13 Miss Penny Dreadful 1 153 9/16/2009 Defeated Crymson at In Da House 3
14 Jade Kim 1 133 2/6/2010 Kim won the title in a Battle Royal on Wolrdwide Ep30.
15 Diana Diamond 1 170 6/19/2010 Defeated Jade Kim at Thug Life 2010
16 Crymson 3 77 12/6/2010 Defeated Diana Diamond at In Da House 4
17 Kendall Lewis 1 105 2/21/2011 Lewis cashed in her ultimate opportunity at Paid In Full after a title Defense by Crymson.
18 Jade Kim 2 52 6/6/2011 Defeated Kendall Lewis on XGWL Charged Ep74
19 Kendall Lewis 2 99 7/29/2011 Lewis won the title at Thug Life 2011.
20 Rebecca "Moonlight" Nightfall 1 115 11/5/2011 Defeated Kendall Lewis on Malicious Intent 2011
21 Sarah Warfield 2 299 2/28/2012 Defeated Rebecca Nightfall at In Da House 5
22 Diana Diamond 2 1,338 12/23/2012 Diamond won the title in a Fatal 4-Way at Pain In Full 2012.
23 Sarah Warfield 3 197 8/22/2016 Defeated Diana Diamond on the 8/22/2016 House Show.
24 Diana Diamond 3 473+ 3/7/2017 Defeated Sarah Warfield to regain the championship at Global Warning 4.

XGWL Lady Pro ChampionshipEdit

XGWL Lady Pro Champion
Current Champion(s) Obsidian
Date Won 02/11/2018
Promotion(s) XGWL
Debuted 12/10/2012
Disbanded {{{disbanded}}}
First Champion Tammy
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Tammy (1,532+ days)
Shortest Reign Alexis Vixen (14 days)
Lightest Champion Tammy (145 lbs)
Heaviest Champion {{{heavychampion}}}
Youngest Champion {{{youngchampion}}}
Oldest Champion {{{oldchampion}}}

Not to be confused with the original Lady Pro Championship, which is now the Women's World Championship.

In 2013, Tammy was frustrated with not winning a championship in 5 years and asked XtremeTony to create a title for her. At Paid In Full in December of 2012, the title was on the line as Tammy defeated Solara Logan

# Name Reign Days Held Date Won Notes
1 Tammy 1 1,532 12/10/2012 1st ever XGWL Lady Pro Champion. Officially recognized by XGWL after the title defense at Paid In Full 2012.
2 Alexis Vixen 1 329 2/19/2017 Defeated Tammy on the 2/19/2017 Episode of XGWL Live.
3 Alice Blackwell 1 14 1/14/2018 Defeating Alexis Vixen on XGWL Live.
4 Alexis Vixen 2 14 1/28/2018 Defeating Alice Blackwell in a rematch on XGWL Live.
5 Obsidian 1 132+ 2/11/2018 Defeated Alexis Vixen on the All Eyes On me XGWL Live Supershow.

XGWL Women's Tag Team ChampionsEdit

XGWL Women's Tag Team Championship
XGWL Women's Tag title
Current champion(s) Obsidian & Kendall Lewis
Date Won 2/11/2018
League XGWL
Brand {{{brand}}}
Introduced 10/23/2009
Retired {{{disbanded}}}
Most reigns Obsidian & Kendall Lewis
First Champion Obsidian & Kendall Lewis
Last Champion {{{lastchamp}}}
Longest Reign Jade Kim & Nikki Cornejo (2,290 days)
Shortest Reign Obsidian & Kendall Lewis (156 days)
Heaviest Champion {{{heavychampion}}}
Lightest Champion {{{lightchampion}}}
Other Name(s) {{{pastnames}}}
Past design(s) {{{pastlookimages}}}

The XGWL Women's' Tag Team Champions were created due to a high demand for the title by the XGWL fans, and the deep Women's Division that has enough competitors to add another title to the XGWL women's division.

# Name Reign Days Held Date Won Notes
1 Obsidian & Kendall Lewis 1 156 1/14/2010 Obsidian & Lewis won the title at Paid In Full 2009/2010.
2 Moonlight & Alice Blackwell 1 231 6/19/2010 Moonlight & Blackwell won the title at Thug Life 2010.
3 Alexis Vixen & Gia Antonelli 1 272 2/5/2011 Defeated Moonlight & Alice Blackwell on Charged Ep68.
4 Jade Kim & Niki Cornejo 1 2,290 11/5/2011 Kim & Cornejo won the titles at Malicious Intent 2011.
5 Obsidian & Kendall Lewis 2 132+ 2/11/2018 Obsidian & Lewis won the championships on Charged Ep88.

Championship Interesting FactsEdit

Here are some interesting facts about the XGWL titles:

  • Sherman Samson is the 1st person in XGWL to be a Grand Slam Champion (Crucero, Pro & Tag Team, and Ultimate).
  • The Great D has the most title reigns with 7 (4 Ultimate & 3 Pro).
  • Dragon Boy & "Mackin 2 Da MAX" Richard are tied for the 2nd most title reigns in XGWL with 6.
    • 5 Crucero & 1 Pro title reigns for Dragon Boy.
    • 4 Tag Team & 2 Crucero title reigns for "Mackin 2 Da MAX" Richard.
  • Tammy has the most title reigns in the women's division with 5 (4 reigns as the Women's Champion & 1 as Lady-Pro Champion)
  • Thug Life 2009 has the most title changed in 1 show with 5. Malicious Intent 2011 tied that record with 5 title changes.
  • Tommy Kazarian is the XGWL 1st wrestler to win a title from another CAW show while in XGWL in capturing the SEA US Championship at In Da House 3.
  • Gia Antonelli & Alexis Vixen simultaneously became the 1st ever female grand slam champions in XGWL winning the Women's Tag Team Champions, and their previous respective reigns as Women's Champion on XGWL Charged Ep68.
  • Johnathen Magnum is the 1st to hold 3 different singles titles in XGWL (Pure, Pro & Ultimate).
  • Johnathen Magnum is also the fastest to win a championship in XGWL debuting in Feb 2008 and winning the XGWL Pro Championship in March 2008.
  • Snoop Dogg is the only non-Original CAW in XGWL to win any title in XGWL by winning the Crucero title twice.