The Rumble Was XNW's 10th Mega Event Involving the 30-Man Rumble Match were the winner faces The XNW Champion At SuperBrawl

XNW Rumble 2004 Took Place in Reliant Stadium In Houston,Texas On January 27th 2004

Pulp Ficton Defeats Dudley Boyz To Retain The XNW World Tag Team Championship Pulp Fiction Won After Vincent & Jules Hit The Drop The Fiction On Bubba Ray

Shelly Defeats Sable To Win The XNW Women's Championship Shelly Hit Sable With The Ring Bell To Pin After The Match, Sable Attacked Shelly

Rhino Defeats Kid Rash Rhino Pins Kid Rash After The Rhino Driver

Reptile Defeats Scorpion Reptile Pins Scorpion After The Mortal Kick

Brock Lesnar Defeats Undertaker To Win The XNW Championship Brock Lesnar Pined Undertaker After Hitting The F-5 After The Match,2 Mysterious Masked Man Attacked Lesnar

33STF Wins The XNW Rumble

Particapants In This match In No Particulary Order

D-Von Dudley Bubba Ray Dudley Blake Foster Rhino Kid Rash Reptile Scorpion Rhyno Matt Hardy Gonzalez Booker T John Cena Courtney Johnson Edward Elric Broly Ichigo Kursaki Shelton benjamin Charlie Haas Chris Jericho Batista Ric Flair Randy Orton George Clooney Kane Scotty 2 Hotty Tajiri Garrison Cade Stone Cold Steve Austin Kurt Angle


This Was Gonzalez's Only Apperance In XNW Until Returning in 2008 This was Last XNW Apperance Of Scotty 2 Hotty 33STF's Real Name At The Time Was Scott Michaels In Tribute To Zack Michaels, Who Died Before The Event ON The XNW Rush After The Rumble, The Masked Men Was Revealed As Vincent Vega & Jules Winnfield

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