XNW SuperBrawl Is XNW's WrestleMania Event Which Started In 2004

XNW SuperBrawl 20004 Took Place Saffeco Field In Houston Texas

Mysterio D Defeats Rey Mysterio & Hurricane To Win The XNW Cruiserweight Championship Mysterio Pins Hurricane After The Mysterious Back Breaker

Kurt Angle Defeats Rodney Mack,Undertaker,Brock Lesnar,Test & Stevie Richards To Win The XNW Hardcore Championship Angle Pinned Rodney Mack After the Angle Slam

Sable Defeats Trish Stratus,Victoria,Torrie Wilson,Lita & Stacy Keilbler To Win the XNW Women's Championship Sable Pinned Trish After Bitch Slap

Dudley Boyz Win The Tag Team Turmoil To Win the XNW Tag Team Championship D-Von Pinned Shelton Benjamin The Other Teams In This Turmoil Los Guerreros Edge & Chrsitian Lance Storm & Ultimo Dragon

Rob Van Dam Defeats Kevin Nash RVD Pinned Nash After The Five Star Frog Splash

Kane Defeats Big Show & Albert Kane Pinned Big Show After The Chokeslam

Vince McMahon Defeats Eric Bishoff In Street Fight McMahon Pinned Bishoff After the Stunner After The Match, Stone Cold Steve Austin Stunned Vince McMahon

Goldberg Defeats The Rock Goldberg Pins The rock After The Jackhammer

Dave Yanken Defeats Randy Curtis To Win The XNW Championship Yanken Pinned Curtis After The Tombstaone Piledriver After The Match,Randy Celebrated With Yanken And Formed The Cowboy Crew

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