The XWE Hardcore Championship is a championship title introduced to Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment on September 18 2008 on an Episode of XWE OutBreak. Snowman defeated K-Fed to win the title in under 30 seconds with a Shooting Star Press. Commissioner Columbo awarded him the title after his amazing debut victory. The Hardcore title is contested under 24/7 rules and can be won at anytime or any stage. Exceptions to this rule are yet to occur.

Many winners of this championship are suprises and sometimes not even members of the official roster.

Title History

  • This win makes Snowman the wrestler with the most wins of the Hardcore Championship with 2 wins. It also makes him the wrestler with the most wins of the title in one night also with 2.

Most Reigns

Wrestler: Times: Location: Notes:
1 XWE OutBreak Won after Snowman crushed K-Fed in his debut with a SSP. Commish Columbo awarded him the title
Kevin Federline 1 XWE OutBreak Won after Snowman was celebrating and K-Fed rolled him up hooking the tights
Axel Foley 1 XWE OutBreak Won after hitting K-Fed with a trash can and hitting the Foley Bottom
John Cena 1 XWE OutBreak Won after Cena returned from injury on Episode 2 and hit Foley with FU on the ramp
Harry Potter 1 XWE OutBreak Won after Potter debuted and magically knocked out Cena with the Stupefy spell
The Great Khali 1 XWE OutBreak Won after Khali distracted Potter with Bizarro Murphy's music and knocked him out with 3 chops to the skull
Snowman* 2 XWE OutBreak Won after Snowman attacked Khali and Moonsaulted off the huge tower onto Khali and put him through a table
Rank Wrestler: Times
1 Snowman 2
2= Kevin Federline 1
2= Axel Foley 1
2= John Cena 1
2= Harry Potter 1
2= The Great Khali 1

Current Champion


Snowman winning his first XWE Hardcore Championship. He is the current record holder with 2 wins

Snowman is the current Hardcore Champion after defeated The Great Khali at XWE OutBreak after a Moonsault onto Kahli through a table from a tower. Snowman had already won the championship earlier that night.

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