2005 (left), 2006 (right)

Xavier X is the most over wrestler in CrW. His gimmick and promos are so generic heel, yet he still grabs the most attention with his chop, suplex, and stomp fighting. He held the title once, early 2006. He debuted at September Destruction 2005, when he faced Super Dragon for the CRW title. He has appeared in UZW a few times and EWA once.

2005-2006 And The CRW Title

At the first CRW show, September Destruction 2005, was Xavier X vs. Super Dragon for the CRW Title. Super Dragon beat Xavier X with a powerbomb off the apron onto the ring steps. Super Dragon ran off with his title and his little dragonly antics, making Xavier X pushed to a point where he wanted revenge. At Invitational 1, Michael Tanner faced Super Dragon for the title.

September Destruction 2006

A bruised and chopped up Michael Tanner won after Xavier interfered and beat the shit out of Dragon. Months later after many successfull title defences, Michael Tanner lost at Retaliation Plan to Eric Impact, after Super Dragon interfered to make Tanner know what it's like to lose via interferance. Eric Impact held his title for a while, but then came Sacrifice Solutions, where Xavier defeated him for the title. Xavier defended this title a good few months. Xavier faced Super Dragon in a sick rematch at Violent Uprising, and did win that time around, still having the title. A month later, Michael Tanner returned Xavier a favor by helping him in a match against Suicid3. Xavier was not pleased because Tanner was mistaken, thinking that Xavier helped him at Invitational, rather than just attacking Super Dragon. Xavier challenged Tanner to a 60 minute iron man match for the next event, Destrucity. Needless to say, Tanner won with a score of 2-1. This is the end of the Xavier/Tanner/Dragon title story.