Xtreme Maverick Award
Current Winner Big T
Date Won October 31, 2011
Current Brand ASW
Introduced By James Blazer
Retired -
Established October 22, 2011
Most Times Won Big T
First Winner Big T
Last Winner N/A
Other Name(s) -
Past design(s) -

The Xtreme Maverick Award is an accomplishment gained by a wrestler yearly, only at Blazer's Halloween Havoc Event. This is usually determined in eliminations with match types arranging from Extreme Rules to Elimination Chamber. Who ever is the last man in the ring, wins the award for that year of Halloween Havoc. This cannot be defended, but the winner will be able to compete in next year's XM Award Match.

Wrestler: Times: Notes: Brand:
Big T 1 Defeated K8, RVD, and Cade Ryans in a 4-Man Extreme Rules Elimination Match at Blazer's Halloween Havoc Event ASW

e v Halloween Havoc
Title(s): Havoc Underworld Championship
Accomplishment(s): Xtreme Maverick Award

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